MS Paradise


Cancelled 2013

Let the music of gypsies weave its way into your heart, spinning tales of fire, romance and magic.

Board a cruise ship to warm, sunny, lively Ensenada, Mexico with everything you need and want, add a ship full of belly dancers and musicians, performing, taking seminars and celebrating life and dance.

This is Arabian Nights at Sea!

A Celebration of Middle Eastern / World Dance and Music ...

Shimmy Sisters


If you are a dancer or want to be one, this is the place to be!

A vacation that frees you from the mundane of daily chores and transports you into a world of color and excitement. Join a hundred and fifty dancers and musicians coming together in this celebration of dance and life!

Let the ship Carnival Inspiration™ sail away with you on it! This cruise not only offers all the amenities of a fine hotel with your own cabin genie on call for your every request and wish, 24 hour pizza bar, swimming, dancing, shows, fine dining and whatever you desire ~ ' poof' ~, it's yours!

Leaving port out of Long Beach Cruise Terminal on Friday evening as the sun follows the ship into moonlight, classes begin, dining at eight and the magic hour of midnight brings the gala performance.

The excitement builds as you gather to experience the rich, firey music of Light Rain with its hypnotic sounds of the flute and violin, pulling you deeper into far away places and ancient lands.

Ava FlemingThe rapid movement of hips, flying skirts accompanied by the rhythmic heart beat of the drums present a spinning tapestry of color and movement. Professional dancers and teachers will inspire you with their talents and performances, dazzling the eyes and creating a memory of an unforgettable evening.

Upon awakening, you find yourself in port in Mexico. This is your chance to disembark and step into adventure on the streets of Ensenada. Shopping awaits! If you are a brave soul, you may want to enter the world of Papa's and Beer, a fast pace restaurant and bar that never stops! Horseback riding, tours to natures wonders or sitting in a street cafe with an iced margarita watching others move about while you relax.
There are classes offered all day Saturday if you choose to stay on the ship.

Back on board at six and prepare for dinner at 8:30 pm. This is formal night. Dressing to the "nines" is it. Wear whatever you like whether it be full belly dance costume to cocktail attire. Your waiters always have a lively surprise to offer in honor of your presence.

After dinner, the sky is the limit. Druming and dance under the stars during our Drum Circle / Dance Party, or attend a lavish show, intimate lounge act, or a quiet stroll on the deck in the moonlight if that be your cup of mint tea!

Sunday at sea and continuous classes are offered or you may see yourself on the sun deck, drink in hand (presented by your smiling, attentive waiter) listening to the sounds of the ocean and watching the playful dolphins.

The finale begins Sunday night and what a finale! You and your new friends and family of dancers are  invited to a hafla, a private cocktail party and open dance opportunity with "Light Rain".  You may sign up earlier to perform in costume or dance with the group in anopen dance setting. Be prepared! This can be too much fun! Fahtiem

The excitement is high as Michele Nicola, our hostess and director will pick someone who holds the lucky raffle ticket to win a free cruise for next year.

In our 15th year of sailing, we see many familiar faces returning and many new ones. This is an adventure you can experience over and over.

We invite and welcome you to join us in our celebration of life and dance on Arabian Nights at Sea!

Music by Doug Adams/"Light Rain" -moonrise-
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